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  • Guess the Emotions

    After the introduction of the Zones of Regulation, the colors, the feelings, and the characters from Inside Out, this second video is perfect for assessment to assure the emotions are understood totally.

    Uploaded Sep 23, 2019
  • Know Your Feelings

    I use Zones of Regulations to assist my students in putting labels on their big emotions. They know that if they feel Green (Joy) they are ready to GO; a great place to be to learn! If they are Blue (Sadness) they need some help to get through the day...some extra TLC. When the kids are Yellow (Disgusted/Fearful) they are not ready to learn until their needs are met to move to Green Go. Red Zone, usually very apparent to most spectators....Anger can present as withdrawn or explosive. Even the youngest of students can express how they are feeling with these characters form the Disney movie "Inside Out"

    Uploaded Sep 23, 2019

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